You did it—you finally decided to spring for the car of your dreams. No doubt, sitting behind your leather-wrapped steering wheel and listening to the deep purr of your car’s powerful engine brings you a feeling of pure satisfaction. To keep that feeling alive, you will need to maintain the prime condition of your engine. These tips from Bob Howard Acura will keep your high-performance engine running smoothly.

Buy the Good Stuff

A premium engine needs premium gasoline, and many engines require it outright. However, given the shifting nature of gas prices, this can be an issue. Look carefully for gas stations that sell high-grade unleaded for the same price as regular. The reason for the price hike on premium gasoline is traditional. Back when gas was a dollar at the pump and ethanol cost two dollars per gallon, adding octane to premium gas made the price higher. Ironically, the price of ethanol hasn’t risen as much. So unless a premium gas features cleaners and additives that help your car run, it really should not be more expensive. Regardless, you want to avoid putting regular gas into your premium engine as it can build up sediments inside. Consider using a fuel filter to keep dirt out of your fuel line altogether.

Be Smart

Your engine rocks, and sometimes you’ll be tempted to rev your engine just to hear how powerful it is. Don’t. Over-revving your engine while stationary can ruin your connecting rod and makes your engine hotter than it needs to be and breaks down the oil. If you have a garage, use it. Fluctuations in temperature aren’t devastating for an engine, but they are problematic. Consider conditions when you drive. Engines are primarily made of aluminum and steel, both of which will corrode when exposed to excessive water. If you really, really love your car, consider air-drying and wiping the engine down after driving in the rain. This will officially be considered obsessive behavior by your loved ones, but at least your car won’t judge you.

Regular Maintenance Early and Often

It’s tempting, especially as money or time gets tight, to push regular maintenance aside until the next payday or an extra thousand miles. In terms of cost to your engine, however, it doesn’t quantify. Make sure you take your engine in for regular oil changes before your mile limit, not after. Assuming you don’t do it yourself, your best option is to go to your local dealership to have them check your engine over. A good technician naturally checks for hoses and belts, although you will want routine inspections of these as well as your coolant system. 

Keep tires inflated properly and rotated often to keep your engine from working too hard. Do not forget to have the air filter changed to keep dirt out of your engine. Keep the outside of your engine clean as well because dirt keeps your engine from cooling properly, and an overheated engine can bake plastic parts until they are brittle.

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