If you're going to spend a lot of money on a luxury car, it's important that you look after your investment. Even with a relatively moderate amount of driving, your car's exterior is going to suffer wear and tear, so you need to do whatever you can to keep it at its best for as long as possible. Keep your paintwork in tip-top condition with this simple guide to protecting your car's exterior.

Buy high-quality cleaning accessories

There's no point in spending a fortune on a luxury car and then cleaning it with cheap materials. Talk to Bob Howard Acura, and invest in high-quality cleaning cloths and or washing mitts, which are kinder to your paintwork. Choose cleaning products that have been designed especially for cars, and never use household detergents in their place. Vehicle cleaning products have a specially designed formula that does not strip wax. They're often also safe to use on other surfaces, such as rubber, vinyl or plastic.

Invest in an auto detailing clay bar

Even with a good wash, you are likely to find deposits on your car's paintwork. These can include bug residue and tree sap, and if you don't treat them carefully, you can seriously damage your paintwork. An auto detailing clay bar is the perfect investment for this job. The clay rubs any contaminants off the surface of the car. You simply spray the surface, and then rub the clay bar along the paintwork, where it will pick up anything that sticks out.

Wax the car's paintwork

Protective wax provides a barrier between the paintwork and any dirt or grime. Good wax can also help avoid paint chips from debris on the road. There are lots of different types of wax on the market, but many dealers recommend carnauba wax, which produces a deep shine. You will need to re-apply the wax every eight to twelve weeks, but the finish is truly outstanding. Other products include sealants, which offer more protection, but do not have quite such an attractive, shiny finish. Sealant lasts much longer than car wax, however, and you need only apply it once every six months.

Avoid the automatic car wash

An automatic car wash may seem quick and convenient, but it's unlikely to look after your luxury car. Some car washes may actually damage your car's paintwork, and at a comparably cheap price, they're probably not using products that are good for your luxury vehicle. Washing and detailing your car carefully by hand is always going to give you the best finish and protection. If you don't have the time (or energy) to clean and finish the car yourself, talk to our service department about a professional finishing service.

It's important to look after your luxury car, or it won't retain its luxurious looks for long. A regular, thorough cleaning and finishing routine is important, and it's worth spending extra to get the right outcome. Talk to the service department at Bob Howard Acura about the options available to you.