At some point during your quest for success, you’ve learned that preparation was important. Now that you own a luxury vehicle, you want to make sure it's prepared to provide the maximum comfort, performance, and style. Here are a few tips from Bob Howard Acura to keep your luxury car in luxurious condition.

Follow a maintenance schedule

Those that built the car know how to best keep care of it. If you did not receive a maintenance book from the dealership when you purchased your vehicle, be sure to contact the manufacturer and get one. Keep track of your vehicle's maintenance as you would an investment.

Take care of the engine

The engine of a modern luxury car isn't something a backyard mechanic should be tinkering with. There are simple things, however, that you can do to keep the engine running as intended. Check your fluids regularly and keep up with routine maintenance visits. Our mechanics will check your vehicle's oil and coolant during these visits, along with looking for wear and tear on belts, checking battery health, and keeping an ear out for unusual sounds.

Inspect the tires

It doesn't matter how well an engine runs or how full its coolant tank is if the tires aren't properly maintained. Tires that are working at maximum efficiency provide a smooth ride, which is probably one of the reasons you invested in a luxury automobile in the first place. If your ride seems less smooth than it should be, check for rough patches or bubbles on the tires. If you find any, get them replaced immediately. Additionally, many luxury vehicles have tires made specifically for them, so keep this in mind when the time comes to replace them.

Check the safety features

Luxury automobiles are known for their safety, so it only makes sense to make sure your vehicle's safety features are as cared for as the rest of the vehicle is. We recommend having your brakes inspected every time you bring it in for routine maintenance. A routine inspection of lights, air bags, and other safety features is also recommended.

Keep it clean

To keep your investment as pristine as the day you purchased it, you'll need to wash it regularly. For best results, take your vehicle to a professional cleaner, but if you'd like to get your own hands dirty, remember to buy auto-cleaning supplies as opposed to simple household cleaners. At best, the latter simply won't clean as well as the correct products, and at worst, you could permanently damage your vehicle's exterior.

Go to the experts

Unless you're a mechanic trained in the highly technical features of a luxury automobile, we suggest you leave the difficult stuff to the highly trained experts at our dealership. To schedule an appointment, simply visit our helpful website.